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Save the Planet!

Staff training, resources and workshops for children


This project will inspire and support you to:

  • look at our planet with a sense of awe and wonder
  • identify the greatest threats to the environment
  • understand the mechanisms by which our planet is harmed and improved
  • focus on the changes which will have the biggest positive impact
  • provide a broad and ambitious curriculum
  • meet SIAMS objectives
  • challenge your learners to think critically and make difficult choices
  • facilitate your children's personal development
  • take positive action to tackle global problems
  • meet science, geography and PHSE objectives in a cross-curricular project
  • develop pupils' literacy, numeracy and 21st century learning skills
  • become more environmentally friendly!

Equality & Diversity

Staff training, resources and workshops for children


  • learn about how the suffragettes won votes for women
  • investigate equality issues today
  • explore diversity matters
  • inspire children to make the world fairer
  • focus on your equality objective
  • celebrate British Values
equality training Salisbury

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